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Nigerian Home Videos

I love the weekend, closed early from work to beat the crazy Friday traffic, bought a DVD titled ” Lekki Wives” in the traffic. Plan to chill at home and watch or finish my book” The Help” which I started reading last year September. I have seen the movie , The Help, though so I am not so keen to finish the book.    What is your opinion of the movies, Lekki Wives?


Have a great month………….

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Friendship should not be one sided

I was helping my daughter prepare for one of her exams and I came across a topic on ‘friendship’. I was surprised with some of the points raised, such as the reason why we make friends. How I wish I could refer some of my supposed “friends” who do not return phone calls and those that treat friendship as a one sided issue to read my eleven year old daughter’s note book and hopefully they will pick up some tips.   Have a great week

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