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Great idea

Can something good come out Igbo Efon? Yes, I can say. I recently meet a young entrepreneur under the twenty- five, with unique business idea. I just love this lady, she runs an office space rental, which some of us need. I have an office that I share but sometimes the atmosphere is not that conducive, I do not want to rent a place because my workload is part time but my new found friend is just able to provide me what I need on pay as go basis, that is use the office only when I have an appointment. There is very good furniture and lockers to keep to keep stuff, fast internet, wireless printer, free tea and coffee, plenty of parking space and the list is endless. Mind you she did not pay me to write this, I am just excited with idea. It is just too great.

Bend down boutique, OP shop

Environmental day, cleaning and sorting out old stuff on the last Saturday of every month  in Lagos.


What do you do what things you do not want anymore?

I think Nigerians have to start having garage sales or OP shop to deposit good stuff we do not need want but could be useful to a fellow Nigeria instead of the buying stuff from the popularly known bend  down boutique. ( Second hand stuff from only God Knows)

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Traffic in Lagos

The rush began, and I did not want to get caught in the traffic.

The experience I had last week was serious on Third Mainland bridge, I was later informed that it was as a result of the President’s visit to Lagos to attend the Eko Atlantic project that the Lagos State government embarked on. This project is similar to the one in Dubai – simply wonderful. Governor Fashola, thumbs up for thinking about Lagosians, job creating and utilisation of the Aquatic splendour God gave Lagos. Very thoughtful too.

Recently, I learnt that sixty-five percent of the population of Nigeria is under the age of thirty years and as a result, roughly one hundred and five million people will find themselves in this category. Any business idea that will flourish in this present time should target goods and services that will cater for this age bracket and you will be amazed to see how well the business will boom.

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