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I am a professional high school teacher with a background in Electrical Engineering.I hold a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1990) together with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Queensland, Australia (July 2003) and a graduate certificate from the harvest Bible college in Melbourne, Australia. Presently, I run an educational consultancy company. I love travelling, reading, cooking, meeting people, writing journal and of course blogging.

Wednesday traffic

Traffic, traffic, oh my Lord how I wish that I stayed at home today. Where is everyone going to this morning? To look for their daily bread, I guess. Some people should start thinking of working from home in order to reduce this early morning traffic. The commentary on the radio was so depressing and it was too late for me to turn back.

Lord have mercy on us ooooh.

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The solution is within…..

My take on wise sayings, quotes and going to church. It is like you look at yourself in the mirror and forget what you look like when you leave the mirror. People go to church, read self-help books, attend deliverance services and listen to motivational speaker but you cannot notice any change in their lives. Such people only need to understand that they are their own enemy and all they need is critical self-examination. The solution to their problem is  within.  

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Why pay Touts?

Decided to leave home early so that I could stop by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) office to start the processing my driver’s license renewal. It was all just a dream on arrival. The receptionist requested that I make four copies of the initial data enquiry but she kept 3 out of the 4 copies and gave me one to fill. The computer was down so I did not have any choice but to use the business centre. On completion of the application form, the printer at the business centre was not connected to the network so I had start all over and eventually when I managed to get a print out. On getting to the bank where I was supposed to make a payment, the bank platform could not recognize my transaction ID and as result I was told to get another print out. I can’t really blame people who pay touts to process their renewal process, a simple process turned out to be so stressful.

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