Gem magazines

Service at church was spectacular, four beautiful babies were dedicated to the glory of God and for the furtherance of His kingdom. I thank God for his Grace. Dear readers, the meaning of the Grace of God was just manifested to me, it is unmerited favor: meaning, given freely to me not because I am cool, calm or collected but because my God is just too much.

I read an article in Gem Magazine, and I was moved, by the experience/ testimony written inside and realised that I have been taking God grace for granted. In many ways he has given my family and I usual provision. What is the probability that if your son or daughter should ask you for jollof rice during church you can provide? Maybe biscuit, water, drinks or cakes? What I am trying to say is it shows that God is concerned about not just the big things, but also the seeming little things. Dear reader, this year be rest assured that before life asks you questions, God will provide the answers.


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