Gem magazines

Service at church was spectacular, four beautiful babies were dedicated to the glory of God and for the furtherance of His kingdom. I thank God for his Grace. Dear readers, the meaning of the Grace of God was just manifested to me, it is unmerited favor: meaning, given freely to me not because I am cool, calm or collected but because my God is just too much.

I read an article in Gem Magazine, and I was moved, by the experience/ testimony written inside and realised that I have been taking God grace for granted. In many ways he has given my family and I usual provision. What is the probability that if your son or daughter should ask you for jollof rice during church you can provide? Maybe biscuit, water, drinks or cakes? What I am trying to say is it shows that God is concerned about not just the big things, but also the seeming little things. Dear reader, this year be rest assured that before life asks you questions, God will provide the answers.


Is it just me or what?

Does it happen to you that anytime there is a lot to be done online, the network will be down? When there is so much to print, printer will be slow? Maybe it is just me, and my not so organised mobile office but come March 2014 by the grace of God, when I move to my rental pay as use office with minus 5 degrees condition system (just joking- but AC is very cold), reading, writing, printer etc. will be promptly done and I can get services for what I want. I do not have to visit a dodgy business center where some patron have eyes like Xerox, and can copy your username name and password even before typing it in.

Great idea

Can something good come out Igbo Efon? Yes, I can say. I recently meet a young entrepreneur under the twenty- five, with unique business idea. I just love this lady, she runs an office space rental, which some of us need. I have an office that I share but sometimes the atmosphere is not that conducive, I do not want to rent a place because my workload is part time but my new found friend is just able to provide me what I need on pay as go basis, that is use the office only when I have an appointment. There is very good furniture and lockers to keep to keep stuff, fast internet, wireless printer, free tea and coffee, plenty of parking space and the list is endless. Mind you she did not pay me to write this, I am just excited with idea. It is just too great.